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Personal Fax: A Very Different Service

At Personal Fax We Define Ourselves by What Makes Us Different

Currently there are many companies that offer electronic fax services. Most have similar options, similar benefits, similar packages, similar pricing structures. Many are highly successful, but no other electronic fax service in the world today has our revolutionary features...for one, we are fully Sarbanes-Oxley compliant!

In a world where digital faxing can generally be described as "same old, same old," Personal Fax is very different. And what makes us different is the reason you need to click here to sign up for our service today!

Discover what "Personal Fax" provides that others cannot...

  • Complete fax management system. Access and manage your digital fax documents via our online administrative panel. Easy to use, feature rich.
  • Mail server down? No problem. Access your faxes from any browser, anywhere in the world. No other digital fax company provides this.
  • Grant controlled access to others. Personally assign different access and viewing rights and privileges to others in your network.
  • Efficient collaborative tool. Grant viewing and annotation privileges to anyone, anywhere in the world, so that many people in multiple locations can be given controlled access to specific fax documents.
  • Provides a fully protected backup of your digital faxes at all times. Acts as a real time safety deposit box for all your fax documents where no one, except you, can grant others access. This is not the case with fax services that only provide email delivery.
  • Completely secure. The Personal Fax system is fully encrypted, totally foolproof and unbreakable, with absolutely no back doors.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Unique, unalterable, fully Sarbanes-Oxley compliant audit trail. No other digital fax service offers this very important feature!

If you are a banking, legal, realty, medical, engineering, insurance, mortgage or other professional or small business operator, do yourself and your business a favor and click here to sign up now for Personal Fax...a very different service!

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Lawyers, Accountants, Stock Brokers!

A happy customer's comments:
“My only regret is not using your service sooner. No messy cartridges. no hardware to upgrade. Faxes accessible anytime, anywhere and easy to save and categorize electronically for ease of retrieval. I can't think how I survived without it. I am out of the office much of the time and people expect me to respond quickly to faxes. This technology enables me to exceed people's expectations. Thank you!!”

Earl Viner, former National Practice Leader for Research and Development Tax Credits at KPMG More testimonials...

Realtors and Small Business Owners

A happy customer's comments:
“As a top producer with 40 years in the business, I can honestly say that even the most seasoned realtors will find their Personal Fax easy to use.”
Sonja Nielsen, Associate Broker, RE/Max Condos Plus Corporation
More testimonials...
Health Care Professionals, Educators